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We have a vast network of “scouting eyes” for each of the following geographical areas:
Eastern Europe, Italy, Spain, Portugal, UK, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Uruguay, Middle East and Africa. Our way of working is simple and has proven to be highly successful. It requires passion, understanding, curiosity, hard work and eye on details.
The four stages of our Scouting Strategy are: · we seek to clearly understand the scouting strategy and needs of each football club: what kind of player is required to close the gaps for each position and for each level: academy or first team. At this stage we build together with the club the characteristics of “perfect player”. We also seek to understand the playing philosophy of each club and team level where the players are needed · we start scouting for the players matching the required characteristics: position, age, level, technical, tactical, physical, mindset, personal and contract situation. This stage involves screening videos sent by our local scouts and a minimum of six live games and requires 3-6 months · we select the top three players matching the most with the “perfect player” required by the club · we present to the club our top three selected players and leave the club the time to follow them and take the final decision to incorporate one of our scouted players Why football clubs and players choose to collaborate with us: · Our clients come first. Always!  Our clients are the reason of our success, hence we offer a top class service and go extra mile to meet their requirements · We have long lasting relationships with several football clubs, scouts, professionals within the football industry and this shows our reliability, expertise and success · We have a long experience within the football sector and understand the risks and investments involved, hence we are extra careful to deliver first class service to our clients, all the time · We have a reliable, professional and local scouting network in every Region we claim to be present · We do not sell players in our “portfolio”, instead we seek to understand the type of players needed from the club and then we go and find them in the field · We are sensitive to the personal situation and career of every player working with us. We treat every player with respect and as a unique talented individual and support his personal and professional development · NO money in advance! Instead, we agree on the right compensation ONLY when we deliver what our clients desire If you are a football club, a professional scout or a football player and would like to collaborate together, please contact us.     


Talent11 is a highly reputed agency for professional footballers providing a service that is dedicated to the ongoing development and management of its clients’ careers in football and beyond.
We are always on call to look after anything our players need or any requests they may have, from relocating to accompanying clients on sponsorship engagements and media commitments.
Our expertise is second to none as we have highly experienced professionals providing a wide range of services including, but not limited to:

  • Contractual negotiation 
  • Club relationship management 
  • Financial & Legal advice
  • Residency documents
  • Commercial management including media endorsement
  • Planning post-football opportunities
  • Lifestyle management

Talent11 continues to grow as our client base expands annually. Our HQ is in Amsterdam and we are supported by consultants throughout the globe. Our extensive network provides maximum opportunity for our clients’ movement and onward careers.
We are different from other football agencies because we provide an all-inclusive service that ensures our clients are managed at every level. We also have a total commitment to integrity, so that our clients can make informed decisions based on reliable facts.
Talent11 successful track record is evidence in itself of the respect we, and our clients, have in the industry. If you would like to inquire further about Talent11 and our services, please contact us.     


Talent11 has built a strong collaboration with top clubs and we are proud to offer young players (8-17 years old) an unforgettable experience and the opportunity to participate at professional trials directly with Top Football Clubs: 

FC Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea, PSG, Monaco, Ajax, PSV, Porto, Benfica, Sporting Lisboa.

Players will be divided into age groups and will perform following the intructions of club's coaches. At the end of the trial the coaches and club scouts will evaluate each player and...you might be CHOSEN ONE! 

Talent11 will support and facilitate every step of this process.


We collaborate with several Professional Football Clubs and support them to expand their Brand within their country and abroad. We build and grow football academies and partnerships between the professional club and local academies and / or local football clubs. Both Clubs and Academies benefit from this collaboration. Clubs expand their brand and discover new talents and Academies increase their Coaching  Skills and are able to recruit new talents to develop and "export" to Top Clubs.         


Having the right mindset, strong self-confidence and positive attitude are key to succeed in life. This applies to the “football world” as well.
Our certified coaches support your personal development, uncover your inner motivation and facilitate your football career.
If you believe in continuous personal growth, please contact us.  


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